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About CMP

Construction Management Pros was established in 2014 and based in Houston, focusing primarily on the execution of construction projects. The team moved from simply drywall and paint to hiring licensed electricians, and HVAC and whole new roofing crew. With each successful completion, we continued to learn and grow. We have expanded the scope to full turn-key renovation of distressed homes. By the second year we ventured into execution of commercial offices and renovated several restaurants, gas stations, doctor's clinics, and offices.

Our project management and execution policy include

The completion is measured with how our targets met the goals. The gap between plans and results can only be caused if there was a flaw in planning or we slacked in implementation. A completion analysis is conducted and "lessons learned" are documented and archived.
  • Creating detailed schedule and resources plan to meet client's objectives
  • Communicate clearly with all stakeholders
  • Track project progress and fine-tune deviations
  • Supervise closely on quality of work done
  • Complete and commission the project on time

Our Workforce

We invest heavily in our human resources. We cultivate and hone their skills and earn their loyalty. Adequate rewards are granted for each successful project completion. We frequently refine our workforce; slackers are retired, and high performers are retained.

Quality is free

Philip B. Crosby (1926-2001) made this unique statement meaning it is cheaper to do things right the first time. The price of nonconformance is the expense of doing things wrong. The cost of downtime, identifying and addressing the damages caused, undoing and redoing, warranty lapse, and similar activities all contribute to nonconformance in the first place.

Support Workshop

We have established a fully functional woodworking workshop with the most robust tools and machinery. Our workshop is equipped with a table saw, a miter saw, 13" planer, air compressor and dust collection (all from DeWalt), and several work benches. All smaller tools skillfully organized and housed over French cleats. This workshop is utilized to make custom cabinets and furniture.


Ejaz Hossain, was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and has been living in the US for 20+ years. He worked at Hewlett Packard and a variety of other tech companies for over 14 years. He is a certified project management professional, PMP, from the Project Management Institute and holds a Greenbelt in Process Engineering and Improvement from HP. His quest for perfection has earned him several quality certification and awards.

Back in 2014 he gave up his IT career and indulged full time as a real estate investor. He founded Hossa Investments LLC and has flipped dozens of homes and invested in numerous rental homes generating a steady cash flow for the company. He has also converted several homes into short term rentals that are leased on AirBnB and other online platforms.

Construction Management Pros provides constant support to all Hossa Investments LLC homes and is deeply committed to delivering quality workmanship and timely completion within budget. The CEO’s project management skills and quest for quality flows down to all aspects of CMP’s day-to-day activities. Our results reflect, a solid construction, longevity, quality in design and aesthetics and above all, customer satisfaction.